Great Workshop!!! Loved the 360 Degree Training. It opened up my eyes about leading myself. Thanks

"The following are some of the benefits I derived from participation in the Leadership Training Course:"  (click to read)

"I want to thank Larry Wenger for his wisdom, patience and motivation. This Leadership Program has opened my mind and allowed me to focus on myself as a person and to give thought before action and to think about my own personality characteristics and how they relate to others professionally and socially."

"I think we've all learned important skills that all managers need in order to lead effectively - I wish we had this training earlier."

"I prioritize better and hold myself accountable."

"I set more realistic and measured goals. Others in the office do so as well."

"I am more effective at solving problems and achieving short term goals with success."

"I feel this program has improved our team's communication, structure and our future organization"

"Everybody hears the same ideas and messages"

"We have improved at problem solving and dealing with customer complaints."

"I learned to be a better communicator."

"Our meetings are dramatically different. We come to the table with different ideas and respect each other's point of view. We are making better decisions."

"Our team learned about our differences and similarities. We trust each other so our conflict is productive."

"It was great to learn the backgrounds of my co-workers; I feel a greater bond with each of them now."