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Running Effective Meetings
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Seminars and workshop can be delivered in a variety of formats from two hours sessions to a group learning process continuing over one year. All programs are customized to your organization's needs and delivered on site during hours convenient to the organization.

Our Philosophy

Dedicated to building human service organizations, Workforce Performance Group assists organizations maximize performance and achieve results through the development of all levels of management staff. Typically promoted from service delivery, human service managers are not trained in management. Yet staff is every organization's most critical asset. Research tells us 50% of employees are looking for better jobs with 40% indicating their supervisors do not keep their word. Even more alarming 31% reported getting "the silent treatment" from their bosses for some part the preceding year. No wonder turnover is costing organizations thousands of dollars each year while destroying quality.

Workforce Performance Group offers a full range of management training programs contributing to the success of your organization by developing the skills of staff. The result will be:
  • Competent Managers
  • Committed and Energized Staff
  • Strong Teams
  • Powerful Meetings
  • Improved Performance
  • Effective Communication
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Alignment